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the first RitualPixels devlog, in which i give a bit more of a detailed description on the game in general, as well as what i am currently working on

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Welcome to the first RitualPixels devlog! (all downhill from here...).

This week ill be delving into a tad more detail on what the game actually is and what i am trying to achieve with it, along with what i am doing now and what to expect in the future!

What is 'RitualPixels'?

RitualPixels is a singleplayer/co-op hack n' slash rpg game with a world structured like that of Super Mario 64, you go from mission to mission in a attempt to collect artifacts known as 'Pixels' in a vary open ended adventure, putting a new and refreshing twist on the traditional rpg experience.


In RitualPixels you pick from one of four classes.

The Barbarian, whom uses heavy armor and weapons to generally beat foes to death, as well as overall be vary tanky and hard to kill, as well as being able to use runic powers to enhance his strength ever more.

The Mage, whom uses a assortment of magics to achieve victory, from raining fiery hell on the battle field, to summoning legions of the dead, the mage can do it all and so much more.

The Thief, uses stealth and various utilities to sneak around and generally cause chaos, not just in stealth and assassination, but also in his ability to sow the seeds of conflict between foes, causing them to fight among each other.

Last but not least, the Engineer, whom uses a array of mechanical contraptions from guns, to jet packs, to robot allies, traps, explosives, gadgets a plenty, among oh so many others.


Progression is based on a few factors, firstly the story, as each level may have its own mini-story that unfolds as you player each mission, and progress it further.

The progression for the players themselves is based on the deeds you do, gaining experience in your traditional rpg fashion, with each level giving you a number of stat points to spend on statistical bonuses for your character, as well as points to invest in your abilities, unlocking new ones, or upgrading those you already have, as well as being able to unlock new items to equipment for your character.

On the topic of abilities, each class has a small assortment of ability types, with players being able to unlock new abilities as they level up, thanks to the powerful engine behind it all, these abilities can do everything from transforming the player into a hideous beast for a duration of time, to summoning ally npcs to your cause, among countless more possible skills


As mentioned before, the world of RitualPixels is organised like that of the classic super mario 64, with various levels filled with a assortment of different missions all connected to a hub level.

We seek to use this concept to its fullest, with a range of different themes from a haunted forest, to the frozen north, to hell itself, a lot of time and effort has been invested into ensuring that as much variety as possible is put into the games areas, and ensure that each one stands out.

Along with this, a powerful dynamics level system(fancy name for logic gates =D) has been developed in order to allow for the creation of things such as triggers, moving geometry, dynamics events, among so much more, adding to the potential in terms of the levels that can be created.


RitualPixels from the very beginning has been developed to support online multiplayer, with 2-4(potentially even more than that) supported. You and your friends can embark on an epic co-op adventure(or troll each other, which ever comes first I guess =D)!

This focus on multiplayer has influenced many of the decisions behind the games design, such as the four classes, each chosen due to its potential to create unique and interesting co-op scenarios, combo abilities, and general gameplay variety.

The engine itself on the multiplayer front is flexible, able to support a variable number of players and just as easily support things such as pvp if we really wanted to(hint, hint)

Where does development stand now?

Currently RitualPixels development is nearing the stage at which the game itself can actually be put together, currently what needs to be finished up is things such as the player itself, abilities, and the saving interface.

As for what I am currently working on, I am working on the player character, trying to give them more emotion than the 'meh' they currently are. Things such as facial expressions, particles, audio, all things to give more life to them, ill say more on this in my next devlog which should be in a few days to a week at best.

Thanks to all whom have read this to the end, do say what you think in the comments and feel free to leave questions and suggestions, ill do my best to respond when I can.

till next time =D

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