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What's the background of Perseverance: Part 3 main characters? What motivates Jack and Karen to keep fighting, even when they need to face the apocalypse?

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Hello, drama lovers!

Welcome to the jung- wait, wrong card, welcome to June! Hope you’ve been having a lovely, drama-free, unlike Perseverance, time since we last talked. Thank you for all the warm comments that you sent our way, we appreciate hearing your impressions, feedback, and juicy gossip as much as ever so keep them coming! Now, the devlog…


If you've met Jack and Karen, you know that they are two very different people.
Jack is a guy who has always prioritized family and peace of mind, but unfortunately for him, those don't always go hand in hand. His ambition has always been for his daughter, Hope, to have a better life in Grey Ville than he did. Sadly, his priorities often shift from this noble pursuit and get drowned in a bottle. Which way will the pendulum swing when it matters the most?

Karen, on the other hand, is the loner type. Raised in an orphanage, she got another shot at life by working for an agency and doing their dirty work. It wasn’t a great life but it… worked, she was protected. Once she failed at her task, however, the demons of her past came back with a vengeance, and are here to shape her future. Will she keep running from them or confront them?


Aside from both being complex, flawed human beings, there’s another thing our characters have in common. They have unique sets of experiences that prepared them for a dangerous situation, like the one they find themselves in at the start of Part 3.

Jack is a great hunter, he knows how to track prey and is comfortable with a gun, something that will no doubt be a crucial advantage in the coming apocalypse. His father taught him how to live in the woods, find food, water, shelter, etc. Will his survival skills allow him to save his family? Or will he put his own safety above others?

Karen is a trained killer, a specialist. She knows how to handle a gun, and she's well versed in martial arts. Her mentor, Dave, has made sure she's ready for anything. That's right, anything, but does that include the apocalypse?


It's up to you what path Jack will take. Will he take care of his family, will he fight for himself, or will he drown his sorrows and torments in alcohol? And will Karen overcome her demons and focus on who she is and what she's learned - to help herself and who knows maybe others survive? And at what cost… Whatever your choice, always remember that it’s you who will have to live with the consequences.

Alright, that’s it for now, drama lovers! Make sure to tap that Wishlist button to never miss any new tea from us and to let us know in the comments who you’re playing as! If you’d like to talk about the game and argue about which character is better, hop on Feardemic Discord and join the conversation there!

Catch you next time, Fearfolks!

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