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I have launched the Devin's Quest Greenlight. Please vote up on it so I know people want to see the game get better with more content.

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Alright so it is now the time to officially launch the Devin's Quest Greenlight. There's enough content for now, and I'll add a lot more once I finish the 2nd area and Satan boss. Here you can see the current version of the Satan boss, who'se level is currently being worked on. Right now the main problem I'm having is working out the AI for him. I'm not really sure how he should move, but I have an idea on his attack. I encourage feedback on the boss right now. Once I finish the boss level, I'll finish the other levels in the area, and once that's done I'll update the current build. Be sure to vote on Devin's Quest on Greenlight if you want production to continue. Please vote on it if you would like more content to be added. It lets us know that we're not doing this for nothing.

Greenlight page:

Satan Boss

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