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Weapons Overhaul: OK, so after 10 months of crazy stuff happening with work and developer burn-out, I now have some time set aside to start back on Freelancer: Mostly Harmless.

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First order of business is the weapons overhaul, which I may have mentioned before. The 'Beam' weapoins systems do not really 'fit' properly into the Freelancer game engine, so these will be replaced with laser cannons - energy projectiles (like the vanilla game). I am also hoping to add a few more choices for weapons, including ballistic weapons (multi-cannons, auto cannons and big cannons) which will require ammunition, which in turn will take up cargo space. Also more powerful energy weapons (plasma accellerator) which will deal big damage, but will be slow moving and use large amounts of energy to fire, possibly will add a form of plasma weapon which can home in on slow moving targets - but I will need to test this thouroughly to make sure it's not totally OP and not totally useless either. I also intend to introduce more variety on missiles; In addition to the current homing missiles, which are really torpedoes (will stay as they are - perhaps a few tweaks), I intend to add a smaller class of 'dumbfire' missiles, large magazine size, rapid fire, short-ish range and low-ish damage, intended to be more effective against hull than shields. Also expect ship hardpoints to be increased, for example, the Cobra Mk III will now get 4 gun/missile hard points (in addition to the missile launcher and energy bomb torpedo launcher), I want loads more pew-pew! I am getting rid of the quirium cascade mine (it's just too OP) and replacing this with a selection of smaller mines more suitable to the game engine.


Good luck with these improvements :-)
I look forward to playing the new version.

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