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We discuss the plan of Death Arena and how we plan on updating the mod post launch.

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Before we get to the meat of what this mod is about here is a little backstory:

I was modding HPL (the engine all of Frictional Games' use) since 2013-2014ish. I got Amnesia: The Dark Descent first from a torrent and then later bought the game on Steam. I desperately wanted to make a mod for the game as previous videos of Markiplier and Crazy Trolling had inspired me to make a mod that would stand out above the rest when it came to pushing the engine. Amnesia: Harbour (the actual spelling) was meant to be a short custom story about a fisherman getting kidnapped in a boat in the middle of no-where. What's funny is that I thought of this idea a whole year before Monstrum came out!

It was meant to be this large story were you wake up in a cell with an Amnesia type set-up (except you don't have amnesia), you pick up a key left in a small, metal box and proceed to explore a dungeon of unbelievable horror and really crappy acid puzzles. You find a cup a boiling acid under a bed and throw it against some fleshy slime that will lead to a door. That is how far I got with that project. This mod would have featured ever-changing architecture and re-skinned enemies from Penumbra.

After than was the pet project of mine called Doctor Poo: Neo. I have a particular character of mine ever since I was little that I loved and had a sort of childlike innocence to it called Doctor Poo. He is an escape from dramatic, emotional story telling and psychological pondering such as "How can these creatures talk if they have no mouths?" That was that character and his project. The custom story was full custom. New GUI, new voice acting, new 3D objects, new menu, music, sounds and even enemies. It was a huge milestone for me as I had learnt so much of the engine such as Box Lighting, Particles and coding sequences. It truly was a big undertaking and I spent a lot of time doing concept art for it.

Above is the early alpha, complete with detailed rooms and interactions galore. My coding and designing skills have gotten better from experience and I still have these strengths to this day with my current mod: Death Arena.


I remember that there was going to be an arena style mod in the vein of a gladiator fight. Monsters will charge your position for an infinite amount of time while more enemies and environmental blockades will try to block or kill you. With Death Arena I am simplifying the concept and making it more fun! More closed off areas means more detail and strategy is needed for this mod. So the big question is "How will it release?!" Well, I'm glad you asked!

Death Arena's minimum viable product will be one full functioning arena, one functioning reception with one functioning area and interactions with NPCs in the reception. What I would like is to release it with three maps for variety's sake but we need to play-test the concept and tweak it so that it is enjoyable and addictive. Quality over quantity. After beta and the mod is solid enough for release we will decide on what maps to release over the coming year: we plan on making maps for everyone of the stations in Pathos-2 (see first image for Upsilons design so far). We will give one final update a year after the launch were we try to give more content before we leave the mod to rest and to work on another mod.

Since I still go to school I can't post frequent updates, I suggest just tracking the mod if you are interseted in the project and the screenshots. Don't expect spam posting, I only post images around the time I post a Development Blog. The Upsilon and Tau maps are being started on by myself and a few pointers from people at the Frictional Games Forum, so I can't work as often as I like. I am currently writing up a checklist as to what I have to do for the mod with some things already checked off so hopefully the Summer will be a very productive season for me!

Thanks for reading,

- Aidan Maxwell (TheDoctorPoo)

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