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Well, it's been a long, very unproductive month. But I can show some updates of what I've been working on.

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In the long run, it really has been slow, partly due to school starting again, and a total burn up on my end.

The last update showed the WECU chambers, and the detailing that went into them. I had started them without the realization that I could not, in a sane condition, recreate them 3 more times from scratch. That meant I needed to find a way to copy and paste each one in proportion to the plans I had in mind. That took several mapping sessions just to get the 4 square right. Then I realized on the scale I needed it to be on, there should have been 3 other 4 squares (yes you read that right). I ended up increasing the mapsize and copying and pasting over a quarter of the map for each WECU square. That also took a lot of work. So unfortunately I didn't get a whole lot of detailing done, but I did complete the majority of the level.

After that, it was mainly to give the level a more "scientific feel". Catwalks, big doors, and unadorned supports. This started out fine, with a main catwalk along each wall, two story's high. From there I planned on branching the catwalks throughout the facility. However, after completing a portion of the catwalks, and in an attempt to save my work, the engine crashed. Unfortunately it erased my catwalk work, with all the detailing I had put into it (railings, texturing, etc). That was tough as I had wanted to finish the level really bad (although I knew my expectations were unrealistic). So I just had to step back.

I haven't really given an update on the storyline, and that's why I'm doing so now. At the time of the mapping, I (thought I) had the storyline watertight. Not true. I've now learned that storylines can be revised many times before you're satisfied with them. While the plot still revolves around the Energy Resource Initiative, it's why the ERI facility was truly set up that I need clarification on. So I'll continue working on that in the upcoming weeks.

The Added Bonus
This week I got back into contact with Slayer (who had done our early concept for the Dark Tunnels logo). He had taken a serious interest into 3d modeling, and so I was able to get his help for some props. Hopefully we can work out some more ideas and props together that will give the game an authentic feel.

Also, I'm very sorry that I couldn't give any screenshots this time around. Hopefully by the time the next monthly update rolls around there will be a lot more work done, and we can showcase it. For now, thanks for tracking, and if you have any ideas, please share them!

Sandfly - Lead Dev

Ori`verda - - 12,429 comments

The story is fine otherwise I would have edited it would I?

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Arcones Author
Arcones - - 5,546 comments

Yes, but in the order of things I haven't had time to get it to you. One reason being I've only brushed up on the storyline myself and got it ready to send. It should come in a PM.

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Headhunter128 - - 5,145 comments

Look forward to some pics! :)

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Arcones Author
Arcones - - 5,546 comments

Yep, I'm hoping to get some more work done on Labor Day (possibly) so I might have pics then. Can't promise anything, but I'm also hoping to get another mapper to help with detailing.

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