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Development Update (07/06/2013) - In this Development Update we have uploaded 16 minutes Miscellaneous Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage.

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This week we are showing off our new Miscellaneous Pre-Alpha Gameplay footage.

We have several new people who have joined the team lately, so we had an internal play testing session in order for them to see the current state of the game. Another reason was to test some of the latest things we've been working on as well.

The video is about 16 minutes in length and does not contain any audio (The audio was removed as most of it was just technical discussions about the game - troubleshooting issues, etc).

Please note that a lot of what you'll see in the video is still considered to be a placeholder and will be improved before we have external people to test it.

Some highlights

0:00 - Login window
0:52 - Crafting window
1:04 - Constructing temporary campfire
1:25 - Adding wood to campfire and lighting it
2:03 - Constructing and placing a wall
2:30 - Placing a tent
3:01 - Throwing a smoke grenade
3:26 - Bending and throwing a red chemlight
3:48 - Using the recurve bow
4:00 - My death, because I can't shoot a bow very well.
4:30 - Using M4A1 rifle
4:57 - Magical floating rifle
5:18 - Red smoke grenades and chemlights
5:45 - Changed to night time
7:25 - White chemlight
9:10 - Someone damaging a vehicle
9:25 - Going for the chopper (chopper is a stock SDK asset, not ours)
11:45 - Made night time a little darker still
12:35 - Back to day light
13:50 - Dragging items out of inventory to drop into world
14:10 - Messing around with the recurve bow some more


Love it soooo much. Can't wait

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NickJonathan Author

We are glad that you like it!

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Just the fact that you have added footprints in such an early stage of development makes me happy :)

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NickJonathan Author

We are looking forward to add even more to the game. If you have a good idea, don't hesitate to join our forums and let the community know about it!

Join our forums:

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Seems like discussions about the technical issues and support would make for a good commentary over the video, I assume that the game audio was removed with that which is a bummer.

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NickJonathan Author

The removal of audio due to team's discussion was a must because there would be a chance of information leak which will ruin its presentation in the future as well as maybe someone will not understand correctly a part of the conversation and think that we will actually do "something" when we are just discussing the idea of it.

I hope this explains the reason we didn't use audio at all.

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