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No pixel work this week i'm afraid! However, the website and engine are coming along quite nicely.

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Salve citizens! And welcome to development update #015 of Project Terra!


In advance, my apologies for the shortfall of forthcoming of this update.

Right now, there's not much I can do tile-wise for the game till the engine, xCore, itself is able to support mapping. The Forum Romanum's beautification will be done through another layer, in-game, so that it can be easily changed around, rather than having it as one static image.
I have however been cleaning up some old tilesets for a previous 2D endeavour, which are looking pretty neat - the wall piece you can see on the latest image and its grass are from said tileset.

However, I have been batting around a few ideas I'm not ready to release yet, concerning player housing and land ownership stuff that is pretty exciting and such. So tempting to let on, but you'll just have to wait!

I'm also going to start up a notebook for some hands-on idea generating/keeping, so I can work on Project Terra whilst on the move! I've split it into five categories; Player, World, NPCs, Fauna and Flora.
I had a notebook for MyWorld too, which helped boost my creativity quite a bit because everything was literally at my finger tips.

What Next?

Well, other than working on concepts and such, there's not much I can physically - or, virtually, - do with Project Terra till I have access to the Engine itself, which I can assure you Rose is working on quite heavily!

Programming Update

I've requested that Rose send me an update for this section per week, on the Sunday - which was a bad move, considering her American sunday has an extra 5 or 6 hours ontop of mine. Oops. Will paste it here when I receive it.

Project Insider

The Web Developer is still chipping away at the website, meanwhile I'm working up mock paragraphs and such to be put into it, when ready. I've seen an example of the Logo for Project Terra, as far as it has come thus far, and I have to say it looks quite nice!

Oh, and, I've made new banners for the ModDB pages of Project Terra/Antiquity Games. I intend to have Project Terra's as a whole scene, rather than an extracted building, in the future. Thoughts of it, for now?

This Week's Q&A

No Questions this week!

Although, I do have a question for you guys;
Do you guys want me to spin up and out a forum for the followers of Project Terra to inhabit, or would you prefer to wait till the following for this game grows a bit? Let me know via comment below!


i dono if a forum would be used that much, even on large groups.... but i would wait a wile.

feel free to post an article on your game here and here
and on any other groups in the VGAR family, as a am co-leader of them

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