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Project Earth? Nope! Project Terra, and it's glorious (ish?) new website! And also say hello to Project Terra's new Programmer, Rose!

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Hello to You! And welcome to Development Update #013!


W hat a week! Regretfully, I havn't even had a chance to touch the Forum Romanum this week, however I believe I have the next two days for freedom, so I shall start the finishing touches for the Atrium Vestae soon.

What Next?

Considering my lack of development this week, as of it stands, the "What Next?" section is the same as last week.

Programming Update

Say hello one and all to Rose, Project Earth's new programmer! I've known her for a few years now, and she is quite the talented programmer. In fact, she's going to be building Project Earth's engine from the ground up!
As my understanding stands, she's currently working on the server and networking, establishing the base connections of the game.

Project Terra Insider


The free time I have had this week, I have spent it on setting up Project Terra's Website.

Project Terra? I'm afraid so. I'll be changing the game's name from Project Earth to Project Terra, due to every "Project Earth" combination for a website name has been taken, whilst Project Terra has not been.
I will be discontinuing the Insider: Planned Feature, seeing as all features will now be listed on the website. However, if people wish me to continue the Insider: Planned Feature feature, just set off a few ragebombs in the comment section below!

Now, the website's layout is currently quite mild due to it being a temporary template - sorry about that! - and the only really developed pages are Home and Development & Modules. I will also be setting up a forum on this site, one that doesn't crash out every 5 seconds. Oh, and, the webhost won't be redirecting spam bots to my forum, as did the previous (Yes, really, they did).

This Week's Q&A

No questions in this week!
Muhu - - 11 comments

What about a completely latin name for the game? That'd be cool and it would fit the theme.

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Azkanan Author
Azkanan - - 329 comments

Well, the game isn't completely latin (eventually!), considering it will encompass more than just Italy (ie, Gaul, Hispania, Egypt, so forth).

Terra is commonly known to mean "Earth" (ie, TerraIN), so it was the next logical name, in relation to Project Earth.

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