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Just an update on what's happened lately, including the ponder of two engines, one of which is the greater.

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I don't intend for these updates to be so far apart, just havn't had time/ability to write one lately! Between swimming and sleep, that is. So, my apologies for that.
I did actually write one a couple of days ago, but then deleted it too to a change of plan.

Now, the past couple of weeks I've been working on the Forum Romanum, which was going to be baldur's gate II style; all drawn out beforehand and then tiled into the game as one big image.
But, the engine I was thinking of using for this, Engine 001, is too far a break off from the SNES RPG-y feel that I want for this game. It had alot of good features already written in to boot and an excellent conversation/event/quest system, but as I say, too far from SNES RPG-y feel.
Not to mention an enforced splash screen and a good few months till they start working on making the engine MMO-capable.

So, with all that in mind, I scrapped the Baldur's Gate II Forum Romanum (which I spent many hours on...) and went back to making the game completely tile-based. With the Forum canned, I took a couple of days to rest before jumping back in - which is today!

I'll be remaking Forum Romanum, but in 2D, today. I can work outwards from there with the city. As for handling the fact that all the streets go in every sort of direction, and not up-down-left-right, I'm thinking of changing the player's viewpoint to compensate. That is, make a north-west going road north, so that the camera, the player is viewing through, has turned.
If you get what I mean. :D

njordy - - 59 comments

If you're looking for an good engine to make an rpg and that is mmo-capable, look for "RPG Maker XP".
I've seen people make online multiplayer games with it, and it does give somewhat a snes feel. =)

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Azkanan Author
Azkanan - - 329 comments

Nay nay, I'll stick with Eclipse.

RPG Maker isn't mmo e.O...

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njordy - - 59 comments

I've seen internet programming on RMK XP. =|

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