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A brief look at what's going on with the development of Parkourasaur.

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Here at Uranium Squid we're working harder than ever to finish Parkourasaur. We're finalizing all art assets and filling play style holes with new and improved gameplay mechanics.

Here's a list of new systems that are already in full swing: (From the perspective of our CEO John Groh)

In Game Currency: At the end of each run you are rewarded coins based on how far you went. These coins are then spent on outfits for your dinosaur, and power ups.

This is something we always anticipated, but now the system is working perfectly. You can spend coins to purchase outfits for you dinosaur. They’re all “awesome” or “cute” according to playtesters, and I have to say I agree. There is a shop in the game where the purchasing takes place. That’s thanks to my very skilled partner, Corey King.

While running, you collect sticks that are laid out on the platforms. These sticks, when enough are collected, create a nest. Your nest gets larger and more complex as you collect more sticks in your runs.

All of your stats are tracked on the appropriately named “Stats” page. This includes distance for your best run, distance for your last run, total distance, times you’ve jumped, how many times you’ve used each power up, eggs collected, sticks collected, etc.

Power Ups:
These are brand new. Before each run you are now prompted to purchase a power up. These include Speed Up, Slow Down, High Jump, Extra Life, and Double Coins. For the most part these are working spot on. Only a few more tweaks to make.

You are rewarded trophies based on how many eggs you have managed to collect in the game. Very simple, very rewarding.

We hope you're looking forward to playing! We have every intention of releasing this summer.

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