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It's an old news, yes, but just to keep this page updated.

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While just from looking at this page it may look like not much has been going on, a lot has been. Here are some things that probably should have had news items written about them when they happened:

  • We switched from Subversion to Git. The Git repository is hosted on GitHub.
  • We opened up our project IRC channel, #fofix on OFTC. Hanging out there is a good idea if you're interested in following FoFiX's continued development or if you think you might want to contribute. (You can also access the channel via Mibbit, right in your browser.)
  • We cut support for Python 2.4. We will no longer be held back from taking advantage of newer Python features that can improve the code by having to maintain compatibility with 2.4.
  • We merged a development branch (cmgl) that greatly speeds up rendering. It uses native code, so some compilation is now necessary to run from source. We're likely to move more things to native code in the future, so expect the build system to become much more fleshed out (and FoFiX to get faster) as this is done.
  • We have two new developers: weirdpeople and fuzion.

The release of 4.0 is still quite a long way away; we probably won't even hit beta in the near future. But once we do a little bit more, we might make an alpha for preview purposes. If you really want to see what's going on, you can set yourself up to run the latest code from Git, but be aware that it's likely to be a bit unstable.

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