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We're back, we'll be the fifth part of the development diary, please include your positions and start reading!

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Last ten days have subscribed, so here's the latest log.

In a quick race made my game went a bit over my head the time, but today we will return to its development. If all goes well, you can see in a few days 1-2 screenshots.

Currently, objects and other objects, modeling and texturing we set out our objectives, they can see pictures soon.


Almost a month ago I did not mean the project, so I apologize to everyone I want to ask, but once again cast my report to you.

In the past month, I suppose you can remember, it was fortunate the project's fate (at least so far) engine was we had a second time, namely because the NeoAxis us too much wood undergone promised, so we have our work Unity, where they have some things successfully also visited. The engine eltanulható more developer-friendly environment, etc Our word-word, more remain. : /

We stopped for a few weeks the improvements were relying on us that summer is summer, we rested a bit, we thought about things, while plans were still a couple of ideas too ..

Blender first, was three-intensive model worked, but that does not mean that they stop production of the model by now, such as a utility droid model are, (you have to be thoroughly difficult job, especially in Blender, but again this should also be initiated) but the only other model to remain secret.

Most (roll of drums please) a total of 2 (two)! All about growing picture of the project, both from the warehouse of one of the Neos, the textures, models, unfortunately, not yet, but all resolved over time. :)

One hundred words: project, re-enacted, is alive and well, again, the game development goes on smoothly.

Thank you all for your attention!

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