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Here's the development log is the part that describes the project's first engine shifts, and the first barrier is set up in front of the team. Happy reading!

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Well, yes, a few projects in the life of the black sun occurs when the game idea will be trashed, and the development die, or re-start the development.
Fortunately, the game developed into the second category is falling, so we started from the front of the building. The basic concept remains, the only difference being that the development of the FPS with RPG elements studded goal.
The project development NeoAxis Non-Commercial engines are continuing.
Soon, we present a new concept artokkal and the engine is made ​​by track details, models, etc Latest screenshots.


Last ten days have subscribed, so here's the latest post.
In a quick race made ​​my game went a bit over my head the time, but today we will return to its development. If all goes well, you can see in a few days 1-2 screenshots.
Currently, objects and other objects, modeling and texturing we set out our objectives, they can see pictures soon.

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