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Here are the latest footnotes audience shout, former events, Come, let us quote, read, and live through them, as has already been accustomed to. :) Enjoy it!

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Ahoy, folks!

Again, I sign up with the latest gaming news and information. :)

But let's start from the beginning. by krees ( forum member) to indicate that badly, and looks rather strange is that I put up the wall floortextures. The error has been corrected (see photos). So far, nine different walltextures 9, and personalized ceilingtextures were made that (I think) very good looking, in addition to its environment is more suited to the wall.

Characters are added to the collection of a machine with a civilian passer-by a kind robot (CIVO) this is the first of six, different-looking robot from civil society.

Again, we present a group, which is the major part of general social robot.

Neutral: In Neosed the robots, machines, Cyborgs all, one who does not belong to extremist groups. Big threat to them, however, the aggressive group, which massacres usually performed at intervals through the streets of Neos. Unfortunately, their number or reducing the causes of death, or the Effective Corporation programs of recruitment.

The Neosed within certain sectors, the city is divided into areas (a war zone, Cyb.Dom. areas) in the environment and people of very different behavior from that of another. Next log some blocks, and the city is also about information, and descriptions will be published, as well as groups, their career, characters.

Development team as well gatherings took place, and small changes. Since last week our man in the Concept Artist (Kawaszaki) could not come, had to draw myself a little went wrong materials, but today was a day to organize meetings, where the most talked the works and with the knit team. As soon as Friday and Sunday at the latest we can see her masterful work. :)

This little weekly report ruled out with a report of my Report in the following May the Force be with you! ;)

In addition, the game's website has been updated as well.
Yet every week, but random intervals, I will update the project sheet.

Moreover been uploaded 3 pics Concept Art

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