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Hello everyone! After some time, but we want to share with you the past, teams, and development occurred during the events, changes, starting from the beginning until the present day, where we are now. With this I want to start a series in which the view of past developments, happenings, shifts the climbs and slopes.

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Here is the log of the development is the first part, from its early days yet ...

2011th March. 1st : We begin the project design, search engine, or stories, etc I begin to write.

2011.March. 2nd : The story is completed, can the rest of game design details.

2011.March, 5 :

Did you find the right game engine. The game design is complete, we have the track numbers, the whole story, characters, actors, groups, etc I am here for her development.


The project is progressing slowly but steady feet, the engine is fully compliant with expectations, no major obstacles placed in front of me, so the game is slowly developing the same (lack of content) but is progressing smoothly.


"Kawaszaki" We talked with the important tasks, there is a lot of time learning, so
reluctant to embark on creating this game, such as concept art for the time being. The communication and discussion of problems in the game a bit
will not be a problem, first because they live two streets around the corner from me, second is because all round dude
agree with each other. :)


Today has created two characters in the game will receive the one in Effective Corporation
basic robot system, which protects civilians (AXLE-22) and, the other is a simple ShopBot, which will be in stores
can be found, because he will be our vendor. Its color will change the basis for each robot, that is what sells. (Arms,
Medicine, as a means of working).

In addition, nearly six courts are ready. The names of the tracks are as follows:

- Home
- Trade Line 102
- Sector Alpha Center
- Sector Alpha West
- Effective Corporation Factory
- Neosed Center Tower

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