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Half-Life turns 24 years old today, time sure flies, what better way to celebrate than with another quick update to the project and give it some much needed QoL improvements

v0.4 is now up, it includes the ability for players to save their progress and load where they left last time, simply enter then leave a suit modification station and a "saving" prompt will show up in the top-right corner of your screen, letting you know your progress is saved, next time your restart your game or start a game you'll be given the option to either continue from that last save or overwrite your save and start a new game.


We've also got the Multiplayer ready for testing, with the 2 levels that already exist in the game fully playable from start to finish, complete with an Anti-Rush system, a system to auto-kick AFK players and more. the game will begin as soon as all players are ready but the HOST will always have the option to start it right away.



It's been a fun journey seeing the project reach this point and I can't wait to share more stuff with you whenever possible, likewise, the current version of the demo is available right here, see you in the next dev log =)

Qwertyus - - 2,532 comments

- Title message takes too long to show up.
- Changed the USE button for SPACE, but SPACE has no effect, only E still working instead. If E is changed for something else - USE won't work at all.
- Until game restart tips on using buttons remain the same (show previous key bindings).
- Game is not ALT-TABbing properly randomly.
- Textures look more blurry, then in Half-Life.
- Blood/water decals are too reflective, the effect looks like see-through floor.
- Headcrabs are too fast and hit you even if you trying to dodge them.
- Crouch/jump is quite complicated.
- Some text messages overlap each other (tip to use Barney).
- 'Player name' in options overlaps with gameplay options.
- No button for quick switching to previous weapon.
- Fast switching to melee gives only 1 hit, even if holding a button.
- Need an option to reduce movement blur.
- Need an option to confirm button override by already used button.
- Barney's movement is kinda weird, looks like he's bouncing at you on following (same actually with monsters when they try to attack you in melee). Looks especially weird if you kill him.
- Looks like alien slaves can't properly attack Barney in melee. Just stick into him, like trying to pass him through.
- No blood spray on bullet hit and sometimes no proper melee hits on corpses.
- Ammo container on the roof gives nothing.
- Weapons are not auto-reloading on empty magazine (when pressing FIRE).
- Modification station has active CONFIRM button even if no (enough) crystals for modification.
- See no option to use save/load game in v0.4. Only see 'SAVING...' message, nothing else.
- Xen is fullbright (starts normally, but falling shortly into white lighting).
- Alien controllers are strafing too fast.
- Objective message on Xen is interferred with aliens' fight. So you have too little time to read it and can just miss what to do. Maybe show it after fight then?
- After finishing Xen mission started Black Mesa again and got no in in-game UI. Probably happened after I falled out from Xen island while the game showed a message about completion.

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G_Sergeant Author
G_Sergeant - - 110 comments

Hi, Thanks for playing :) If by title message you mean title screen or the logo at the start of the first level then you can skip those by pressing ESC, crouch jump works the same way it does in the original game, don't know what's complicated, the objective can be shown again by pressing TAB but will see about showing it to the player after they kill the first 2 slaves, rest is either already taken care of or will be taken care of in the next version. already got another level in the works but new levels take time to make assets for so it'll be ready once it's ready.

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Qwertyus - - 2,532 comments

It took several attempts from me to jump into ventilation, and after few first tries I even decided, that it's impossible. I can't say exactly, but crouch jumps feel a bit different, than in HL. Like if you have less acceleration for the jump maybe. Also there is a space between grate & railing and you can easily fall down if your jump is not accurate enough.

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G_Sergeant Author
G_Sergeant - - 110 comments

Noted, player character must be jumping a bit too high and jumping above the vent opening, should be easy enough to fix if I just reduce their jump height a little, as for falling between the grate and railing I should also be able to fix that by increasing the character radius a little.

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