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Details about the project, progress, future plans, and more.

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Hello there, welcome back to Operation Half-Real

The new update is now ready to be played, v0.3 should give you a taste of the upcoming "Xen Relays" challenges, these will be your primary source for currency that you'll be using to upgrade your suit, each one will take place in a different relay and will have it's own unique challenge rules and objectives...etc


New update also means more engine updates and game QoL improvements, weapons are now split into 5 categories, melee, side arm, primary, secondary and heavy, this is done to give each weapon its own unique role and to avoid inventory clutter.

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You'll also encounter a few new small features like 2 returning fan favorite enemies and being able to interact with environment objects to get more details about the world of the game like lore and background stories.

As always you can grab the current version of the demo right here, keep a look out for future updates =) see you in the next dev log.

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