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Informations about development of Blackwatch H Hour - Prototype

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This mod has for goal to reproduce the universe of Prototype Licence games. Play and see Prototype from another angle of view to complete the background of actual 2 games. Take command of Blackwatch as commander in chief. Prototype take place in United States, specially in New York city, when a virus (callsign Blacklight) was released by Alex Mercer (callsign Zeus). This virus contained the majority of NYC population and people muted. To contain the city, Blackwatch Biohazard (Hazmat) Division.

Development of this mod will be done in 3 phasis :

1-Blackwatch units/buildings development
2-Civilian buildings development (Red Crown, military walls and tower, etc...)
3-Contaminated people integration (thank to "Un_Nem" Zombi Mod )

A reproduction of New York by sector will too in development after the mod itself is done.

You will be able to fight in solo, multiplayer or in cooperation against zombies, with a real complete background and story line.

PS : If you want to help in development, you are welcome to help

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