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A Quick look into what I've spent most of my days working on, I hope you enjoy it!

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Welcome to the 9th edition to our fun development diary! We have fun news for everyone!

First off: I would like to apologize for the lack in size for this diary, I focused Solely on mainly fixing, and bringing our lighting system to date!

With that let us begin!

  • Lighting System Improvements
    • Re worked A LOT of in game light mechanics
    • Realistic corner/Wall shadowing
    • Updated the Light effects for lamps and other objects for realism purposes
    • Pixelated light movement
    • Realistic faint added to lighting
    • Flickering effect added
  • Lantern added to game
    • Lantern is more of an easier style of play
    • wider radius
    • Lantern can no longer see through walls
    • Lantern lighting for walls fixedLantern no longer lights over rooftops
  • Flash Light Updates
    • Flashlight Realism added
    • Flashlight no longer shoots through walls
    • Flashlight no longer overlaps walls/roofs
  • Tutorial Tweaks
    • Flash Light Added to Tutorial Options
    • Lantern added to Tutorial Options
    • Missing torch (Next update I swear)
  • Puzzle Tweaks
    • First puzzle is about 75% scripted (Still thinking of the ideas for it)
    • Second puzzle is about 80% scripted (Just need to fix some animations)
  • New Items!
    • Fury Feather Added
      • Collect 4 and your max HP increases by 5
    • Essence of the Lion
      • Changes your Fear by one status
    • Code of Calm
      • Changes for Sanity by one status

And that's about it for this fix. Below we will have our video and some media of our updates!

Thanks for the support everyone!

~Skyline Interactive Team



Reminds me of Knights of Xentar :P Maybe not the RPG that most inspired you, but still, the first one to come to mind.

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TimeDead Author

Haha, I remember that game, but no that's not our inspiration, since it's a horror game I can't really compare with RPG's :P

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