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The first Dev. Diary will give an introduction to the mod and show some features.

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It's a great pleasure for me to show an introduction to "Global Alert - A Cold War Mod".

First of all, the mod will be set in the 60's, aiming to cover events ranging from the Vietnam War to the Arab-Israeli conflict and especially the Cuban Missile Crisis - which will be the trigger of the global conflict. And it's important to say that many events will be antecipated like the Six-Day War, the Prague Spring and many others.

I - Ideologies

In order to create a more diverse experience, a new section of ideologies has been created, just as you can see here:

ideologies section 1

And here:

ideologies section 2

The section can be explained by the following:

- Paternal Autocrat (Black) - Totalitarian Right

- Right Wing (Gray) - Authoritarian Right

- Conservative (Blue) - Democratic Right

- Liberal (Yellow) - Centre

- Social Democrat (Pink) - Democratic Left

- Left Wing (Light Red) - Authoritarian Left

- Communist (Dark Red) - Totalitarian Left

II - Advisors

The advisor section is still at work, however it is possible to take a look at how it is:

advisor section 1

Note: Most of the current advisors are ideological. Industrialists and military will be placed in the future.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.


how can put the road mouse in the left how in the capture and put reformists for new ideologies?

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