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The first Dev. Diary will give an introduction to the mod and show some features.

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It's a great pleasure for me to show an introduction to "Global Alert - A Cold War Mod".

First of all, the mod will be set in the 60's, aiming to cover events ranging from the Vietnam War to the Arab-Israeli conflict and especially the Cuban Missile Crisis - which will be the trigger of the global conflict. And it's important to say that many events will be antecipated like the Six-Day War, the Prague Spring and many others.

I - Ideologies

In order to create a more diverse experience, a new section of ideologies has been created, just as you can see here:

ideologies section 1

And here:

ideologies section 2

The section can be explained by the following:

- Paternal Autocrat (Black) - Totalitarian Right

- Right Wing (Gray) - Authoritarian Right

- Conservative (Blue) - Democratic Right

- Liberal (Yellow) - Centre

- Social Democrat (Pink) - Democratic Left

- Left Wing (Light Red) - Authoritarian Left

- Communist (Dark Red) - Totalitarian Left

II - Advisors

The advisor section is still at work, however it is possible to take a look at how it is:

advisor section 1

Note: Most of the current advisors are ideological. Industrialists and military will be placed in the future.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

ZK99_ESP - - 11 comments

how can put the road mouse in the left how in the capture and put reformists for new ideologies?

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