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Just here to officially proclaim this mod dead. .

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So, i guess this is hello, and goodbye at the same. Truthfully, i shouldve seen the writing on the wall and do this long ago. But i always imagined id go back and update it. Until i no longer wanted to. Over the past 2 years, not much work has been done on this module, in fact im not sure when i even tested anything in it for the last time. It is for all intents and purposes, dead. Development has ceased and doesnt look like there'd be anyone to carry on.

A few reasons as to why this has happened
1. My own, shifted interests. I started working on this submod back in 2016, when i had just begun modding. It was new and exciting then, but that was then, 4 years ago.

2. Issues and inability to solve them. SWC itself was always notorious for just, not quite working for some. This hasnt changed, and certainly not gotten any better with this mod, in fact, the opposite probably. Despite numerous attempts on finding solutions and helping people, more often than not, there was no solution to be found.

3. Outdated and limited engine. People may not always realize how much differences there are between Warband and old MB, sometimes these are small but key differences, that limit what can be done and make things much harder. This has majorly contributed to my uninterest on continuing the project.

4. Limitations of working on a submod. Mount and Blade mods are done with a set of files than contain all the crucial and moddable info concerning parties, troops, items, scenes, etc. These files are then run through a compiler, that converts them into files that the ENGINE can read, but humans cant really, as its utter gibberish to our eyes. As the source code wasnt out when the project started, all our work was based on Compiled files, which can be only limitedly modded. It is too late to change that anymore, and this has severly restricted what we could even do.

Before anyone thinks that im just listing excuses here, dont. These are not THE reasons as to why the project has ceased development. these are CONTRIBUTING reasons to it. To put it plain and simple, no-one wants to continue and thats it.
So, its goodbye then. May the force be with you, for i shall not.

-Mongol out


Nice that you write a note about it, many others just disappear. Always a pity when mods stop development but that's something which can always happen.

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