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Development and progress of GTA:Multiplayer in week 18.

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Hello everybody. Another week, another devblog.

Improved weapon synchronisation
This weeks work included an addition to the normal weapon synchronisation when aiming directly on players or vehicles.

The client automatically detects when this is happening and then, instead of the normal position sync which can be a little bit inaccurate due to network lag, actually syncs which exact bodypart or vehicle part has been shot. This also allows for new scripting events called when a player is shot by another player or if a vehicle is shot. Furthermore we were now able to add the cause of a death to our serverside event.

Network and interpolation optimization
Apart from the new shooting synchronisation we also reworked parts of the network code and interpolation resulting in a better vehicle and player synchronisation while also removing a lot of nasty bugs.

New UI
Some of you might have seen our main menu concept in our very first video. We are proud to announce that after lots of hard work we've finally brought in a functioning ingame menu to GTA:MP. From there it is easy to get into the different modes such as the standard multiplayer or our last weeks announced sandbox mode.

Here's a small glimpse on our fully redesigned ingame UI:

Forum bugs
Our new design brought up some nasty bugs on the forums. We are now able to say that most of them are fixed by now. If you still experience some problems do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Twitch streams
Starting this week we'll finally relaunch our regular twitch streams. Our developers and beta members will try to present you what they're working on live including testings, development or scripting sessions. Stay tuned for more information about that on our twitch page.

Application status
First of all we would like to thank you for so much interest. We have had the chance to read a lot of applications from you to join our team and will so continuing next week to give more people the opportunity to join our staff. More information on who we are looking for can be read in the last weeks development blog.

Start of the internal beta

As of right now we've started our internal quality assurance program meaning not only the developers, but also our testers which we've chosen from the hundreds of applications are now able to contribute to the development of GTA:MP.

STA 1.3
A lot of plugin developers have reached out to us that the current SDK is no longer compatible with our current STA release.

We are aware of that issue and will therefor be releasing a new STA very soon. For all regular scripters this means also, that they'll have access to all the current scripting functions implemented in GTA:MP.

Expect a release of STA 1.3 in the upcoming days.

That's it for this week.

As always see you in a week and thanks for reading.

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