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A quick summary of what we have got done since the last update.

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Hello there, reader. I am Lion and after a long time, I am back to give you an update. We have been at work, making a lot of progress, though it is slow. Before I start, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the support I have received. It is genuinely heartwarming to receive this amount of support, now lets showcase our work.

Norman Helmet 1

The nasal helm was first introduced in the 9th century and popularized in the 11th century. However, by the time of the Third Crusade, the nasal helm's use was slowly declining in favour of helms that provided more protection although it was still the dominant helm used in 1189. It is notable for the single strand of metal that is used to cover the nose
The helm shown below is a big WIP and subject to change

Flat Top Wip 1

The enclosed helm, by the time of the Third Crusade, is relatively recent. It was likely introduced in about 1180 and was the predecessor to the famous great helm. The enclosed helm, as seen above, provides facial protection, as well as more protection for the back of the head. It was often worn with a mail coif and was the first helmet in Medieval Europe to provide facial protection

unknown 4

The medieval Phrygian helmet was first introduced sometime in the 12th century. It was mainly used in the West, often with a face mask. However, the image above shows an Eastern/Islamic version of the Phrygian helmet, with the turban as an accessory.

Developers Note
Hello fellas. Lion again. I hope you enjoyed looking at the models and reading about their historical significance. I would like to say they were are looking for new developers. They include XML coders, 3D artists, 2D artists, historical researchers and more. We dont have 100 developers so we need more in order to keep the project going. If you wish to apply here are the details:
- You need to have a commitment to the mod. You wont/dont have to dedicate 100s of hours to the mod though.
- You need to provide updates to the dev team and to Lion, as soon you possibly can. Again you wont have provide an update every 3 days but you cant not update the team for about 8 months.
- Some form of enthusiasm for the mod and the project.
Below are some of the people we need, alongside what they will do for the project
- 3D artists (people who can make weapons, armour and such as well as props for scenes and such)
- Sceners (people who will make scenes of castles, cities etc. for battle maps and otherwise)
- XML coders (people who can use XML. You dont need to worry, as if you are beginner, the team will help you learn)
- Sound designers (people who can make music, custom battle cries and other sound effects)
- 2D artists (people who can make loading screens, concept art and other art for the mod)
- C# coders (people who can help implement features that are planned such as naval combat and a Papacy system)
If you wish to join the team and help create a realistic Crusades mod with in-depth features, then please join our Discord server that is linked below. I also would like to say we have a lot of stuff planned for the future. Right now, coding is now in full swing and we have some planned mechanics such as character traits, religion, Papacy system and naval combat. I would again like to say thank you to everyone and I hope you stay safe

Youtube channel:
Forum post: B - Medieval - Medieval Mod : Third Crusade | TaleWorlds Forums

Thank you all
Lead Developer on Medieval: Third Crusade

Big thanks to all of our devs for making these models. Your effort and support will never go unnoticed or unappreciated


yeah, good luck for the next

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mrgamerlion Author

Thanks! I am really thankful for the support I have recieved

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Yes lets hope the company helps modders with changes to their code!

BTW Please include the Maciejowski Great Helm, Since it was in the same time period, so few crusader mods include it, and if you have to have a great helm its the closest to the time period.

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