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This update is all about how we defined the social roles we envision for our QuizWitz community and the new website.

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Hi everyone

we've been working a lot! And that's been happening while we didn't share a lot on IndieDB lately. :p

The social roles in our QuizWitz community

If we want our community to grow, we need to know who will want to do what. We decided to define four "social" roles that can be active on our platform. That way, we can get a clear view of the importance of each of our features to these roles.

QuizWitz community roles

Read more about it in our blog post.

New Website for QuizWitz

We decided our past website didn't help us to convey our game's message properly. It was a little bit rusty, and people still had a lot of questions after visiting it. Now, we created three different websites according to people's interests.

A quiz creator will search in a different way than a party quizzer. Someone who loves to play online and talk to people in the community on the other hand, will look for even different terms. We added screenshots at the end of the post if you're interested, you can also visit them here:

QuizWitz website home

QuizWitz website learn more

Read more about this in our blog post.

Next to that

We also solved bugs and added features like a blogging system in the community. We will talk about these developments a bit more soon!

What do you think about our game and its new website? We'd love it if you'd like us on Facebook too!

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