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Hello. I really long bother to do the work that I did...

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My discord link: Stalker#2457

Hello everybody, this is my first diary about the work that I and other people have done (mostly me).
As you know, I created this mod 2 weeks ago, since then I've spent a lot of time to get somehow learned how to work with moding, at first it was very difficult. I almost did not understand anything in modding, codes and scripts, but after many attempts I took the power in my hands and began to learn. and here through where 1 week I began to understand this, I created the first model of my map and have already started to edit some aspects of ideas and tricks, and after another week I finally finished the map, it was difficult and exhausting, but I still managed do it.
And now I began to develop a new branch of basic focuses, we have already started to make flags for the countries.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29   2

After that, I started to process and base new ideologies for the countries, after which I began to correct a lot of mistakes that were connected with the events and scripts of the countries, I had to delete them all, so that there would not be any problems, but so far there were some problems with the mod and me still there is a lot of time to fix them and provide them with a replacement.

Yet I made a new autonomy to the confederation, this is the main feature of this mod, I have not yet figured out what their history is, and so on, but I can say that I have an idea what it will be:

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29   3

And here are the ideas that I'm the one that created for this fashion, this is still an initial ideas and there will be many changes in the future but this is their main model:

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29   1

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29   5

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 29   6

Desktop Screenshot 2018 06 30

Here, that ideas i created for countries, some ideas are in the focuses that I made.

On this I have everything, I hope you appreciate my work.
And if you have some ideas for my mod or you want to help the project and join my team, then you can always contact me here on this link: My home page My groug
All good day and good luck, I hope in the next time I will publish new news about mod).

#I know this is very small thing that i published here from whole mod and sorry for my bad english)

Optinet - - 10 comments

I cannot believe how great this looks
Im really suprised to see new ideology and policy toward master (Confederation)

Is this mod from Steam or did you make it on your own?

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~_~|Stalker|~_~ Author
~_~|Stalker|~_~ - - 131 comments

Own, and 3 peoples right now. But in the future i release this in steam

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