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The first developer update containing: -Demo Update -Characters Update -Company Update

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Hello everyone here's my first update to Project Eden. All I got to say isn't much.

Demo Update:

The demo for the game that will be uploaded as a pre-alpha demo. It will demonstrate how the battle system will act like. I'm not done with it yet but by next developer update it will be done for a public alpha demo. I would like it to show how to gameplay will be like and would want feedback on it.

Characters Update:
Zane (Backstory):

Class: Warrior

Zane was born a lower class citizen. At a young age of 7 his parents died due an accident where is house caught on fire with unknown causes. People assumed that it was a household appliance error that caught on fire. He was taken in by family that found him on the streets in the rain. In that family was Rei a good friend of his. Rei's family is a Magic Sword Family. While he was under the care of the family they taught Zane how to use magic swords. Years later Rei's parents died of sickness leaving Rei and Zane to the house alone to them. Now days Zane works to pay the bills and Rei isn't always home and when he is home he's not home for long. Zane has no idea what Rei does while his is gone but doesn't bother to ask because knowing Rei he always keeps to himself not bothering people on what he is doing.

Company Update:

Moton is now going to be Neon Games. This is going to be more convenient for people to say the name.
The facebook page is going to be merged into a new link within 14 days. That's all!

Thanks for reading! -
Cash Carlson

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