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This journal introduces the new feature of God Powers... useful skills that can help you fight your way through waves of foes with ease!

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Howdy, all.

Back again with a sneak peek at a new feature with the release of The Hoplite this November- god powers.

To the Ancient Greeks, religion was an important part of daily life, but to the heroes in their legends, it was very real. Most Greek myths involve interactions between the gods and heroes. In The Hoplite, it's simplified greatly down to four gods (of the 12 'Key Olympians'), Zeus, Hades, Ares, and Athena. Each god/goddess grants you something for praying to them.

Simply put, the character automatically generates this stuff called Piety, which is more of a measured trait than an actual thing. Once they reach a full 'piety bar', they can pick one god/goddess to pray to. Piety creation varies per difficulty, and therefore a more difficult setting limits the amount of gifts you can pray for. Since each gift is temporary (lasting between 7 and 20 seconds), it can require some serious commitment.

Stay tuned, and please watch the game for more updates on this and other new features in the future!


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