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First monthly update on progress in modding. Released 31.07.2022 18:00 +3 UTC.

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So, as promised, I publish the first report on how the modding process is going.

Firstly, I rather succesfully ported all Onderon, Dxun, and Dantooine modules from K2 to K1. However, I encountered some problems, that I couldn't solve due to my low proficiency in modelling, texturing and using MDLedit. Among such problems I can point out 2 of them: For some unknown reason, the model of Ebon Hawk has no textures.

Ebon Hawk without textures

Dantooine preview 1

Then, when I first loaded ported module of Dantooine and Dxun, I came across some weird stripes in the sky. I then found out these stripes were foliage being spread across the map. This makes levels totally unplayable.

Dxun Foliage

With Onderon, however, everything worked pretty good and the module looks very well.

Onderon preview 1

Onderon preview 2

I also added Dark Bastila and made her able for recruitment since she's the second most important (after Darth Revan, of course) character in the game.

I know that you probably expected tons of brand new content, when you started reading this post, but remember that I'm doing it all in one person and sometimes it's not easy for me to make things actually work as I'm not very skilled in some sphres of modmaking, but I'm also working tirelessly to become better.

If you know how to fix any of the problems listed above, message me via Discord or on ModDB. I'll accept your help readily.

If you want to discuss the mod in a more unformal way, here's the link for the mod's very own Discord server:

That's all information for today.

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