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A quick look at the latest version of X-01 from Undefined Studios.

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Alright, let's start this Developer Diary first issue...

As you may already know (or read), the game is about a boy called Kyle who has to kill the king of the kingdom of Uberta and he needs support. It's a concept which might look basic, but a lot of careful planning comes into it if you look closer. The big lines are basic since it's (again) killing the bad guy, but the way the story develops can be made as original as it could get.

Currently I'm laying my last hands on the alpha version 0.2.5, the thing about this patch is that there isn't much new added. This version is all about bugfixes from the 0.2.0 version. 0.3.0 on the other hand will be featuring more added content and some more special stuff.

Like some people do with their game/mod is add content like a christmas tree or something special when it comes to Christmas or New Year, this is something which I will not do. This game has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or New Year... So it doesn't need anything season added.

What can you expect in future releases:

Well, I'm not a person who can look to far in the future but what you can expect is:

  • A much bigger world (yes, there will be a worldmap that is free to explore).
  • More in-depth character information.
  • Well... More content of course...

Like I already stated somewhere (I think on Undefined Studios news), yes the game might look basic. But in my eyes, a game with basich graphics but with a good story and something that can keep you going, is worth something. I will keep this to an opinion, it is your opinion how you think of X-01 at this stage, but do remember this is an early alpha stage, much can change.

I guess this is as much as I have to say at this moment.

A happy new year to everyone. (it's new year in 15 minutes here... :D)

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