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Hi Everyone! We are very glad to share our new video.

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Developer Blog #1

Why do we trust NPCs?

Just imagine - you’re absolutely lost in the forest. It’s dark already, you’re wandering among the trees and have no idea where to go. And bingo! You see a stranger on the forest marge, come to him and ask for a help. He kindly shows you the path, you follow it and suddenly get captured by the outlaws! That’s all because that stranger NPC was a villain and cheated you intentionally!

There is nothing new in the plot twists like that – the tricky NPCs became the equal participants in games long time ago. And it’s hard to remember the first computer game with fraud NPCs. But nevertheless in most cases a player tends to believe the NPCs words. This very concept boosted the creation of our game where the player must analyse the information from NPCs if it’s true or false.

By the way checkout our new video:

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