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Creating Navmesh with the BF2 Editor : Love & Hate

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Sometimes things go wrong when working with the bf2 editor...
A couple of my buildings on al anbar were not correct navmeshed by the editor.

missing mesh

The funny thing is on my testmap they were correct meshed by the editor.

mesh testmap

So i decided to edit the navmesh manuel and make the building accessible to ai.

It was probably the most logical step to take the navmesh off the testmap and integrate it into the building's mesh on al anbar.

So i loaded the mesh into the 3d software and edited it accordingly.

mesh import

mesh import01

After that i just inserted the whole thing into the navmesh on al anbar and connected it to the existing mesh.

mesh import02

Due to the fact that I have two tables and chairs in the entrance area of ​​the building and a locker in the exit area, I had to adjust the mesh a bit so that the ai has no problems with navigating.

mesh import edit

I had the mesh fixed again using the fixnavmesh tool.

mesh final

And finally, the result is really nice and the ai will walk through the building =)

mesh final ingame

That's it for today, hope you like this article - see ya'll soon and happy modding!


Quote: "Sometimes things go wrong when working with the bf2 editor..."

Understatement of the year! 😜

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