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Peachyy Slayy has been hard at work this past week developing the beta version of Little Lantern! We've added lots of juice as well as plot points. Read below for more specifics.

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There were many updates this iteration. We made huge updates to level 7, redid level 8, and added level 9. There have been story updates regarding the dogs and dogs are actually implemented into the game now. We added blue wizard rat interactions and added in a new red wizard that is currently missing interactions. We also added cheese interactions for hints. Mice that require cheese for a hint are indicated by a giant cheese sign. The secret room was also updated with more artwork and is now working as there were some bugs that prevented it from being played in the previous iteration. We redid the background due to demand for a parallax background. We also now have room transitions to give a little more pizzazz. The main menu was updated to look even better and less “default” and updated the visuals of the level select screen. We also replaced the music in the game with student made music.

IMG 3006

IMG 3334

Our plans for our next iteration is to finish aesthetic changes, fix some bugs we've found, and add red wizard rat interactions. We hope to have a fully finished storyline and parallax in every level. We also plan to have a better transition to the ending cutscene.

You can download and play Little Lantern over in the files tab on our page, or linked here:

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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