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Courier of the Crypts is going forward with the development. Check out the latest updates which ranges from engine changes to map development.

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Because of the Indiegogo and Greenlight campaigns I got lots of downloads of my free early demo preview. I also got very nice feedback and bug reports which I was fixing few weeks now. Let me make a quick recap of updates, changes etc.

Engine changes / fixes / updates

  • Textures are 50% smaller
  • Sprite ordering is working now (in the demo, sprites were acting weird sometimes, rendering over the player while they shouldn't)
  • Texture editor for the engine created
  • Tileset objects placement implemented (before I could only place objects like caskets, pillars, stone etc. on tiles but now I can place them on every point I want. This adds more options for awesome map design)
  • Resolution issue solved (game is now rendered on 480x270 canvas (16:9) which I then upscale to other resolustions)
Object Placement Anim

example of placing objects on custom position & sprite ordering
(from the blog)

Maps recreated | new maps in development | details

  • I had to recreate all the maps from the demo becase of huge engine changes. All the maps are changed and most of them are enhanched with more details & some places changed.
  • I've started to work on the first gameplay map where you'll learn how to use torch and other stuff. This is what the demo was missing so I'm starting from here on.


  • GUI changed a bit (numbers, animations added etc.)
  • Relics are changed from crystal skull to 3 different relic pieces which you'll be able to collect in each map for 100% perfection of the map.
  • Camera is moving smoothly now instead of moving with the player fixed
  • Additional animations on pickups (shiny glow going up the coins for example)

Full controller support

  • You can play the game with controller now (only tested with xbox360 one)
  • Rumble effects implemented for earthquakes, explosions, random shakes etc. This makes the game enjoyable even more. I can't wait to give you the game so you can try it yourself.


Gameplay area - 480x270 before 200% scale
This is part from the new map that I'm working on

Object debug mode implemented - I can see positions and bounds of every objects now


Since the Indiegogo campaign failed I was thinking about many options how to fund my development and I've decided to go with Alpha-funding. I'll be selling the game with the early-access tag while I'm still developing it. It will be few bucks cheaper and you'll get regular updates until the game is done. Of course, once it's done you'll have the full access to the game :)

I'll let you know when and how will this happen but it will be really soon.

If you want more details about everything I invite you to read past blog posts:
DevBlog – controller support, map development, relics & future (January 22th, 2015)
DevBlog – details & maps reconstruction (January 16th, 2015)
Engine Updates - Textures & Sprites (December 20th, 2014)
Until next time ;)


Looking great!

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Looks like a good game. It's a shame to hear about the indiegogo campaing. Keep working hard. I hope you can finish the game. I will be following you.

I'm a little curious about the lighting effect. It's based on shaders? Do you have any reference so i can learn about it?

Hope to hear news from this soon

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Blodyavenger Author

Thanks for your word. Yeah, I was hoping for more but anyway, I need to keep pushing forward. I'll be going for the Alpha-Funding program - selling early-access version with few maps and keep the development on.

About the lighting, there are no shaders involved, just a rendering with blending functions.

I blend lights with black texture which I blend with the whole scene at the end. I'll be making a tutorial about it soon because I get this question many times.

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Hey i would love to see those tutorials. Tell me when you publish them. Also if it's posible i would like to know what language and engine are you using to build it. Hope to hear good news from this game soon.

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Blodyavenger Author

I will let you know for sure.

I'm using my own engine which I'm developing while working on the game. Engine is based on SDL and OpenGL :)

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Indiegogo is definitely 50/50 when it comes to campaigns, if you pull through it will be worth the effort, I can see that just by taking a quick look at this.

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Blodyavenger Author

Thanks everyone! ^_^

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