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Take a look at two new creatures heading to CardLife and awesome new water effects!

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Greetings IndieDB'ers!

This week's Devblog contains a bunch of cool changes coming in our next patch. This launch will be adding in a couple of new creatures, a new armor set and some amazing looking environmental changes.

We want the changes in this launch to really help with players first impressions of the game, by making it feel more alive and full of color. With the introduction of the new water graphics and the new trees, this update will change the way you look at the world! Here's what we're covering this week:

Fantastic Triceratops!

Introducing the first of our new creatures, the Triceratops. This is a new Age Two creature that will be a challenge for any but the most experienced players. When you finally manage to kill the Triceratops, you will be rewarded with a new crafting material used in enchanting called the Triceratops Plate.

Terrific triceratops PNG

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The second new creature that we have introduced in the latest build is the Giant Tortoise!! commonly found near the coastline, this Age One creature is a tough one to kill. With a new creature also comes a new crafting material, the Giant Tortoiseshell, which can also be used in enchanting.

Tortois 1

A Day at the Beach

This release also includes a graphical update to water making it feel more realistic. Currently, there is no new functionality included with the graphical changes, but we have big plans for the ocean in CardLife’s future, including Ocean biomes full of creatures.


Scouts Honour

Finally, I would like to introduce the Scout Armor, a new wearable armor set for the adventurer in you. The Scout Armor offers the user more stamina, enabling you to run for longer periods of time before needing to stop. In the future, this armor will also be used for players who want to more frequently block or use special attacks, as both use up large amounts of stamina.


Steam Price changes, Server Wipe and Insomnia 63

We're massively excited to announce that we will be showcasing our awesome cardboard survival game at Insomnia 63 in Birmingham (24th - 27th August). If you are heading to the show or live nearby you can catch us in the Tentacle Zone which is where all the upcoming indie hits are being showcased. Feel free to bug Andy (our comms manager) at the show and he'll give you a fancy physical game card which has a free code to download the game.

Game Codes

Important Information!! We are planning to launch the August update early next week, to make this update possible we will need to wipe the current live servers of all progress.

This update will also include a change in price for the game in preparation for the Steam launch, to $11.99 / £9.99 / €9.99. If you have not already bought the game then you will now have to purchase it at the new price.


Be sure to let us know your thoughts and suggestions about this week's Devblog and our game in general via Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our Official Forum. Remember, your feedback is vital to us making CardLife the very best it can be!


Luis Dellinger, Producer

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