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Implementing the new mission system, disease, security guards and more!

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Wow it's been a busy one this week. I finally managed to get my head down and make some serious progress on new features and not just endless bug squashing!

The new Vandal is shaping up well, this character will appear when your people do not have enough recreational activities. He is currently only doing graffiti, which brings down morale. But I want to have him escalate gradually to more serious crimes if not caught.

.. Further to that, I also added the security guard. Once you promote a civilian to be a guard, these guys will roam around and arrest any vandals they see. Eventually, I want them to take appropriate action, based on values you set in the civ panel. for example you can set the punishment for minor crimes to be a beating, or jail time, or even death..

Building effects are IN! Finally I decided to simply go with the 2 effects I had decided on (radiation and flooding) rather than wasting more time huffing and puffing over all the eventual effects buildings MIGHT have in the future.

In the screenshot above you can see the dormitory affected by Radiation from the nearby power generator. You can also see the "sneek peek" window I added, this lets you mouseover rooms to see at a glace if they are working correctly and any buffs/debuffs applied!

Disease is now in! No screenshots as there is not much to see (your little men turn green for a while, then die :P) but they way this is currently working is - your people become infected (currently they only get infected from dead bodies left lying around, but I'll add more later) then if they remain close to the source of infection they will eventually become diseased. Diseased people will not move and need to be treated by a doctor to recover. If not treated they will eventually die and become a source of infection themselves.

Objectives have been overhauled! The old system of do one thing, then get another objective, then another, was tedious and brittle. If the player deviated in anyway it broke the flow of objectives and actually the whole game.. SO! I've replaced it with something more similar to prison architects system. Eventually I want players to be able to choose their objective "sets" from a branching tree.. but I've not decided that as I want to have a think about it. Do I want players choices to be "cut off" if they go too far down one path?.. decisions decisions.

See the little panel on the left? That's the new objectives system. Shiny.

Last but not least, the END OF THE WORLD is in. Once you finish building your basic shelter the world will end in a flash and your shelter will be the last hope for humanity to survive. Try not to die!



rsdworker - - 205 comments

looks interesting game for me so i would donate or buy or do beta test

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malteins - - 21 comments

Same here, looks entertaining. Also would like to beta test this.

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