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Hello world, in the second DevBlog I’ll give you some more info on the current state of the game. Also there is some more visual content.

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Website Update

The Ganja Harvest Website is now online. There is more content to come in the future.

Singleplayer/Multiplayer Coop Update

In the last 3 weeks I mainly focused on the multiplayer part of the game. I experimented with Unity's Multiplayer API and Photon Unity 3D Networking Framework. I was able to successfully setup a working host/client build, which is running with a Third Person Controller and working fine. I tried to implement a Footstep Audio Controller for both host & client and after some hours I came to the decision to focus on the singleplayer part of the game first, for now.

Code Update

Besides the multiplayer part I experimented a lot with Grid Systems or Ground Placement Controllers. We need a nice working grid, on which to place objects. Currently I'm not sure either to use a terrain or plane ground for the grid drawing, but I have setup a working system, where each grid cell is an individual GameObject (plane).

The current singleplayer build also features a Third Person Controller with Footstep Audio Controller for different grounds and a Weed Grow Cycle / Timer for our ultra even before alpha low poly Weed models for grow cycle. Here you can see the weed preview.

GUI Update

Here is a preview of the current Main Menu and Settings Menu. It is fully working and featuring multi-language support. As next I will add an Input Manager.

Model Update

Here are some fence models by TheCel.

Skybox Update

I created a skybox for testing. It may change in future.

Soundtrack Update

Here is another Hip Hop Track from Jack the Rapper.

Dev Stream

We really want to make a Devstream as soon as possible, to give you more information on the game. Also we are looking for any kind of assistance we can get (Modeler, UI Designer etc.).

If you want to join our team, we need any position, please contact me. This is a free offer, we can't pay any position yet.

That's it for the second DevBlog, I hope the next one will be a Devstream.
Thanks for reading and stay high.

The Ganja Harvest dev Team

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