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Hello everyone, this Devblog is going to be a little bit different. Rather than only showcasing what the team has been working on, we will also be shining the spotlight on the amazing team we have so far! The people working on the mod we're all looking forward to have been hard at work, modeling, coding, designing audio, and generating ideas, all for no profit, strictly to make a mod we can all enjoy when it is released! Now, let's see what the team has been up to! - The Separatist Crisis Mod T

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Delerious, our Character Face Designer and Community Manager:

Jedi Master Mace Windu

Jedi Master Mace Windu

Clarkey, one of our Weapon 3D Artists:

DL-18 Blaster Pistol

DLA-18 Blaster Pistol

Admiral Tributon, one of our Armor 3D Artists:

Phase I Clone Commader Rex of the 501st

Phase I Captain Rex of the 501st

KV, our Vehicle 3D Artist:


NB-1S Royal Bomber

Twitte_King, one of our Armor 3D Artists:

Twitte King

Din Djarin "The Mandalorain"

TBRO13, our Team Lead and one of our Weapon 3D Artists:

A 180 Render

A-180 Blaster Pistol

Q, one of our C# Programmers:

Desert_Falcon, one of our Weapon 3D Artists:

Desert Falcon

Mandalorian Weapons

Thank you for checking out the hard work of our mod team. We have many other members of the development team, as of writing this we have 19 members, but this post would have to be much longer to show off the amazing work that the team has done. If you are interested in joining the mod team, please message our Reddit account, ModDB account or, join us on Discord to join our active and growing community!




Amazing work. Good luck and success with your big team!

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