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Dev Report 14: A Junta in Italy, Yugoslavism and Anarchists in Portugal.

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Hello, and welcome to the fourteenth Dev Report for Spartakus. Here is the link to last weeks Dev Report.


The State of Italy in 1932 (National Spirits)

Hey all, it’s me Nina! It’s been a while since my last DR but I have returned this week to share with you the starting situation of Italy. In 1932, Italy’s situation is quite precarious, held only together by the military government of the Transitional Stability Cabinet. At the start of the game, Italy will have four national spirits. Each one represents part of the instability that plagues the Kingdom.

First on the list is Ghastly Memories of the Great War. The Italian people are quite tired of war and need incentives to motivate them into fully supporting another conflict.

The next one is the ‘Red Decade’. This term applies to the 1920s, in which Italy became the hotbed of revolutionaries and counter-revolutionaries. The nation still hasn’t quite recovered from the events of the 20s and suffers greatly.

Third of the four are the fascist sympathies in the Royal Army. Many major figures in the army have or currently support Mussolini’s PNF, from Emilio De Bono to Rodolfo Graziani, it might become necessary to purge the army of their influence before anything drastic occurs.

The Fourth and Final Spirit, certainly not least however, is the Insurgency in Libya. While there are no visible effects of this focus, a player will most definitely feel the effects of this insurgency throughout the early game until the situation in Libya is dealt with.

I am quite glad to be back on that modding grind and I look forward to fully sharing the fully reworked political situation of Italy next week!

Last Witch of Illyrith

Yugoslavia! Mechanics! Part One!

I’ve been laying this off for a little bit (and it’s still not finished, there’s a whole another set of mechanics I’d want to introduce in the next week or so) but today I’m going to show off a few of the things that’ll make Yugoslavia (~if you do choose to form it~) a more unique playthrough experience.

Each of the Yugoslav countries, that is, at the start, Illyria, Montenegro and Serbia, and the releasable Bosnia and Slovenia, will have a national spirit to represent how influential Yugoslavism is in it. This has several degrees, from almost none at all, to the final one, representing the fact that they have formed the one and only Yugoslavia (flag and name change through cosmetic tag, party names and such are also changed).

As of now, Yugoslavia will be formable as the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia if Serbia succumbs to a communist coup, or by a ORJUNA military government (the latter focus tree still unfinished).

Once you’ve formed it, you can advance it internally through a focus tree, and once your military has been rebuilt, you can move on to fighting south slavic countries still not in Yugoslavia. When that’s done, there are still some south slavic territories in foreign countries; Banat in Romania, Bačka in Hungary. Istria in Italy... Instead of having to go into a full out war against these countries, you can agitate in them and start a border war similar to the ones in Albania. Finally, once you take back the land, you can also give its native names back again.

The planned internal stability mechanics are going to be up most likely next week.


Portugal (and the coming Progress Report)

This dev report section for me is going to be pretty short. Work is going very steady on Portugal, Livonia and Germany. Although I wasn’t able to get a PR for both Portugal’s out last weekend like I wanted, it will be coming out soon. The entire non-political section of both Portuguese focus trees are completely finished and all focuses have final effects. Of course, though, I don’t want to spoil all of this before I am able to make the PR, so here is the air force section of the focus tree:

Additionally, here is the flag for anarcho-syndicalist Portugal:

As you might see from the flag, the Portuguese anarchists are under the União Anarquista Portuguesa, or the UAP (and additionally the Confederação Geral do Trabalho, or CGT) and are closely connected to the Federación Anarquista Ibérica, meaning it holds very close relations to the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo, or CNT, in Spain.

That is it for now. I can tell you getting together research for an anarcho-syndicalist Portugal was quite the task, but when the mod releases you can be sure to find plenty of obscure information about the UAP and CGT through playing.

We hope you enjoyed the fourteenth Dev Report! Remember to join the Discord as well, as many additional teasers are posted on there daily.

Also, if you are interested in joining the Dev Team, please remember all you need to do is fill out this form:

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