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Hello, Lead Dev Fredinno here. For the past few months, our dev team has been 'hard at work' at Heinzreich- to the point where I finally believe he have enough content to finally show it off- at least a bit of it...


Map: 80% completion

Lore: 15% Completion

Tech Tree: 0% Completion

Features: 15% Completion

Focus Trees: 0% Completion

As the map is the most complete portion of this mod, we'd like to fully lay out its features so far. I'd rather not show off highly incomplete features or other content, so I'm going to only show off what has been basically complete.

Note, however, that everything shown here is still nominal, and up to changes.

There's been a few changes from the original screenshots... the most obvious being in the Axis.

After the German Civil War in the 70s, Heinz Hitler, under the advice of Joachim Von Ribbentrop, agreed to order the creation of a more egalitarian "European Confederation", in order to improve relations with its puppets and Allies in Europe (and South Africa, which requested to join following the implosion of the German Empire in Africa).

Like the EEC in our TL, the European Confederation (EC), aimed to fully integrate Germany and its European Allies' transportation system, defense, economies, and customs to prevent any further internal conflict throughout the Nazi Empire.

Unfortunately, opposition by the more radical Nazis within the party has prevented any development beyond its military and economic union. Meanwhile, its more-or-less complete dominance by Germany has led to the other members demanding increasing influence within the Confederation...

When Germany gets a focus tree, the future of the European Confederation will be a serious issue that will shape the future of the nation- potentially spelling Germany's doom if the situation is not handled properly.

However, in the face of the German Asset Bubble/Tech Bubble Crash, demands for reform of the European Confederation have become increasingly powerful...

The Axis, meanwhile, have been modified into a more accurate defensive alliance it was in OTL.

Though the original Tripartite Pact is effectively dead, following the formal dissolution of the Japanese-German alliance in the early 60s, its successor, the National Alliance, still keeps the middle East under German SOI.

The Japanese Empire (Green and Blue only)

After the War, the Japanese Controlled the entirety of Asia East of India, East Turkestan, and the Yenisei. But this was not to last; the Japanese were unable to control their vast, overextended empire forever- not with the stress the constant guerilla warfare had on their economy and people.

China eventually earned its independence- at a price. From all sides, the Chinese State is surrounded.

With the Japanese controlling China's most important and wealthy coastal cities under the guise of the 'Legation Cities', and its SOI encircling China, (not to mention the immense corruption in the Chinese State) China has never been able to fully recover.

However, things may change. With the usual Allies of the Nippon, the Entente, having their attention elsewhere- the Chinese may finally have a chance- and political will to break out of its 'encirclement'- and finally become a global power.

Speaking of the Entente...

The Entente

After the end of WW2, the remnants of the British and French Empires unified under a single alliance- the Entente. After the invasion of Canada during the American Civil War, the Entente became entirely centered on India. Historically, it's remained a periphery to global politics- like the Co-Prosperity Sphere, a secondary power...

However, as India becomes increasingly powerful, the Entente has been expanding its influence greatly... Despite the loose alliance with the Japanese, both sharing the common goal of preventing the rise of China, and dominance by the Germans or Americans-

the two have been competing for influence over Tibet and Azad Hind: land India claims is critical to its national security...

However, India has been growing at an enormous pace since its stabilization after the death of Gandhi. Though its liberal economic policies were stymied by a lack of infrastructure and development, the influx of refugees from Japan, America, and the Axis helped stimulate its growth. Not to mention Australian-Zealandian investment.

By 1998, India is a global power- this TL's China- two decades early.

It's immense industrial potential and manpower- currently stymied by overproduction in the wake of the German Asset Bubble implosion, will pose a serious threat to anyone who dares to attack it.

But of course, no one would- right?



During the 2nd American Civil War, Canada, which had significantly helped the Federalists in the west, was invaded. The CB was the Canadian assistance to the Americans- though some also believe the Americans were planning on using Canada as a Belgium. Either way, following the invasion, the Canadian State was divided up in 3- the Maritime Union, Canada, and Quebec.

However, Canada as a whole has been steadily integrated with the USA - thus, when the Maritimes' finances imploded, it was annexed by the Americans. A similar situation occurred in Mexico with its northern provinces.

Before the German Asset Bubble popped, the USA, and its political European Confederation counterpart- the Communes of America- once the prime competitor to the Germans, was already on the brink of collapse.

Unlike the European Confederation- the Communes of America was an economic, military, and political union, formed (mostly) though 'peaceful' means. However, unlike the European Confederation, the Communes of America is far less dominated by America (which is much smaller in population in this TL due to a lack of immigration in the 20th century).

However, despite this, President Sanders' 'New Socialism' Policies has made the implosion of the alliance inevitable, as Argentina and Mexico are already preparing to split off from the Union.

It IS possible to prevent its implosion- but this will come at a cost...

Thanks for keeping up to date with Heinzreich.


Please consider joining the mod if you are interested. We could always use new members! (even if you aren't a modder!)

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