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Sixth Dev post for the new version of CKII:WW in development!

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Hello all,

We're looking at dev post #06 now and this month we've predominantly been tackling character events; story, quest, flavour. An accomplishment of 21 event chains have been created, consisting of 72 events.

A nice one we've been working on is the rise of the dark lord through the 'Death Eaters' society. With the feature of the dark lord you have the ability to cleanse the world of 'magical impurity and muggles'.

Now Merlin knows if any of you will actually accomplish this crusade as it is a mighty feat, but none the less the feature is there, so have at it. Once one dark lord dies someone may step up to fill his or her shoes. It is your decision what you will do with such power, whether it be genocide, or dominion over the world, but remember there will always be those who wish to stop you, so it'll be no easy task.

dark lord

the purge

I believe another good event (quest) to show you is the ability to forge a claim to Herpo the foul's bloodline. One of the darkest and depraved wizards of all time.

Upon completing the quest you will be granted some mighty fine perks... one being the ability to talk with snakes. Your entire dynasty from then on will have the chance of inheriting this ability (parselmouth).

blood of herpo

We're Approaching Hogwarts now; Many school class events have been rewritten and plenty added. Teachers and children will encounter many challenges while at Hogwarts, whether it be exams, monsters or villainous classmates out to see your expulsion. so beware and learn your spells!

troll sighted

Now you may remember that in the previous version we had the ability to own pets. You will absolutely still have that ability, but with a little more flavour added.

For example the chance to own a phoenix that passes to a dynastic heir upon your death. A phoenix will live, die and be reborn from it's ashes, so essentially you will always have him/her, but if he is mistreated he may just fly away.

burning day

Moving away from events, a few other things have been worked on. A handful more families have been created; Avery, Rowle, Slughorn.

Thank you to pbadics for the creation of House Slughorn and I believe he may have the Macmillans done fairly soon.

Also a couple of touch ups to society clothing.

death eaters clothing

So on the subject of progress, we're very much at the stage where we are now simply padding out the mod creating more flavour and correcting previous mistakes to give you the greatest play experience. We very much look forward to sharing this with you all, as that time draws ever closer.

I'd like to say thank you to our patrons for their continuous support and for helping make this possible!

John Valyi
Kieran Gillies

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Once again we are always looking for more artists and CK2 developers to join us on this journey. So if you have a skill that you believe could benefit the mod we'd love to hear from you.


Looks promising enough... can't wait to test it! You've done a great job so far, this mod has lived up to all expectations, congrats.

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Vahlgoul Author

We appreciate that, thank you!

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I am excited af for this to come out. I waited forever for my letter, but this is the closest I will get to being in Hogwarts! I know I'm being a pain, but I tried my level best to change the game settings and activating and deactivating a couple of DLC's but I still can't get the mod to run for my Holy War ck2. Could you please tell me the DLC's I have to disable to make it 2.4.5? I have a 3.0 PXTU currently. Cheers and all the best with the mod dev!

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LucerysVaermon recommended this: "Hello, well assuming your copy is from Steam.
This is the link I found most helpful when I reverted to a previous version:" If you want to play the old version of the mod, you should try this, and yes, disable the Holy Fury DLC, and maybe a couple others (just try disabling all of them. Yet old gods, ruler designer, way of life work fine though), for they are not compatible. Or just wait a few more weeks and try this great rework of the mod they are developing.

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