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Development notes as of April 27, 2018 Take a Look at what we have so far.

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Dev Report - April 27th, 2018

The Friday Update is being taken over by QA Team this week. Currently the QA team is in the middle of a testing cycle for the next release of the game. The next update will include a couple new vehicles, the KE audit and several fixes. One of the new vehicles coming for the next release is a continuation of the C/S series tanks for the British forces. The Churchill V C/S is a dedicated Infantry support tank with a QF 95mm low velocity howitzer. We are also testing the KE Audit. This is one of the two audits we have been anticipating getting. The KE Audit deals with the Kinetic Energy of

ammunition, which includes armor penetration. It effects small arms and all the way up to larger caliber ammunition used in Tanks and ATGs. This audit includes around 100 different ammunition types. So far, everything is looking good. We hope to have the testing wrapped up in the next couple weeks and out to you.

Now we don't always just test new vehicles and game features. We also keep and eye on bug reports that come in from you, using the .bug command in game or from the Testing and Bug Reporting forum. One of our Alpha team members, mwhitman, put together a small primer on how the .bug process goes.

The .bug command.

The .bug command is a feature in the game that allows players to report bugs or strange things they find in-game. It is NOT for reporting suspected cheating or odd behaviour, as that is what the .report command is for. The difference being that and .bug reports are collated into a daily log and then sent to various members of the CRS team, whereas when you do a .report that is seen by any GM's that are currently in-game, and will be investigated at once.

If you have a bug to report just open the chat bar and type .bug Bugtext

When you type .bug and enter your description of the bug we would receive something like this:-

2018-04-19 23:45:10 oldmax77,US 82nd Infantry Brigade widowmkr1 mission cell#196sortie #1850279 near Berry-Au-Bac N49.23.59 E3.52.4,Platform=1,OSVer=,ClientVer=,uptime=6649min
"ai on w side of berry au back cp (north side of town) can't be repaired"

This gives us the time and date you did the report, your gamename, what mission you were in and your exact location in the game world. Plus of course the message you typed.

In the above example you can see oldmax77 has reported an issue with an AI. When we receive the .bug report we'd look at oldmax77's report, then go into the game starting at the location listed, and have a look for the offending AI and see if we can replicate his report, ie, you can't repair this AI.

If we confirm the bug, we would then look to see if this issue has already has a ticket created for it on our bug tracking system. If it doesn't we would then create one including all the relevant information from the .bug report, plus any addition information/pictures we might have to add.

This ticket would then eventually be assigned to one of the production/dev team to be fixed.

After the bug has been fixed it would be included in a future alpha or beta build and passed to the QA team to verify that the fix works. Once the QA teams signs off to say its working it will then be included in a future game update.

The QA Team is looking to grow. We have both the Alpha team and Beta team. We are looking for players that know the game well and understand basics of their operating system. Each team has different expectations when it comes to time. We are an all volunteer team and understand some only have limited time they can dedicate to volunteer. Our Alpha team, during a testing cycle, puts in roughly 10+ hours a week into testing. A Beta team member can expect 3-5 hours of testing during a testing cycle. If you think you would like to volunteer to be a part of the QA Team, you can email stating that you would like to joint he QA team and provide a little bit about yourself and experience with the game.


SCKING (QA Team Lead)

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