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Explanation of where the mod development has been for like 20 years...

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Hello, it's Kungfupandacam.

I haven't touched the mod for a very long time. However @Laur82/Casper has. And we pretty much decided to start over again.

So let's make a mission statement. Our mod is supposed to be an open Cold War sandbox mod for Hearts of Iron IV. We are going to try to go as in-depth as possible and be as historical(or a-historical in reason) as possible.

Now this mod has had way too many setbacks to list, but I'll try to be as honest as possible.

This announcement also will sadly not come with a download, but I will list as much progress as possible.

So our first setback was our development team fell apart. Our development team has done this many times, but it's never gotten this bad. Hell, I left the development team for a few months. I've only recently joined back now that school isn't that bad. Summer is coming soon too, so that will probably speed up development in itself. However, the development team has gone from 7 people to 2 people(kinda 3). I personally believe that we will come back from this very quickly as we have been putting a lot of work in.

Also, our map usually causes a lot of errors every time we hit a new 1.x. This was the case again. It is often much faster for us to do this. And it is, we are done the map already.

Thirdly, there were too many errors. Like too many. Even if we set the map to default and had all of those errors, we had 1000s of errors. More than Iron Curtain and Black Ice combined. Like our mod was falling aprt.

Lastly, was a much more fatal error. This error was with cosmetic tags. We have liberally used cosmetic tags at almost every turn and they have been giving us a lot of errors. It's with the game this time and it's a huge shame.

I'd like to thank anyone still following development. However we have added some new features:

  • Kind of correct borders((are going to be adjusted correctly soon after some events has been put in place)
  • -USSR has got soviet leader pic and flag
  • Cyrriclic (and Russian) names for Mongolia and USSR
  • Election events for Czechoslovakia
  • Changed flag for Mongolia
  • Portrait for Mongolia
  • the classic "War by Edvin Star has ben added in the Menu screen again"

However we do not want to release until we finish these:

  • Czechoslovakia(in general with leaders)
  • Soviet Foreign Policy Concerning Czechoslovakia
  • Splitting Germany
  • Creating East Germany
  • Fixing the Cosmetic tag BS (@Laur82 at least is gonna try really hard)
  • some 40s music for the eastern bloc
  • submod without russian(cyrrilic) names for Pro-Soviet nations
  • if im lucky Romania will be added with events and the option to go pro-soviet and try to go anti soviet

Thanks for following our development! However one more thing.

If you are a modder or want to learn how to mod for the Red Wall, contact me at my email: or contact me on here. Most likely, you'll be brought to our mod discord. We are not afraid of limited time or inexperience. We just need as many work hours as possible.

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