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We have added the first boss: Xsayarsa, to the Demo as well as some other updates.

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Hello Everyone!

(Demo available here)

Many hours and over a thousand lines of code later, we have implemented a draft version of the first boss enemy in Achaem: Xsayarsa (pronunciation:, or X-say for short. We have also introduced many changes that have improved the game, including some balancing.


This is an aerial boss which mainly uses its claws in battle, although it will charge at you if you try to increase the distance between you. Xsayarsa can create scars in time and also summon other enemies to come to its aid - so be prepared!

It's an epic battle with different phases and attack modes, you'll want to raise your Locomotion stats with items so you can dodge Xsayarsa's attacks, or at least focus on your Defence stat so you can take as many hits as possible!

Here is a short GIF from the last few seconds of the battle!

Other changes

We've made so many improvements it's hard to list them all, but some include a better levelling up event. Previously, you would silently level up and often miss the Station (shop) which emerges for a single tile. Now, it's very hard to miss, there's a fanfare and everything!

Also - the world is no longer just two blocks (grass and snow), we've introduced 3 new tiles and will keep adding more! When you level up - the arrangement of these tiles changes, as the world of Achaem changes with you.

What does your character look like? Send us your pictures either here or on Twitter

Demo updated

You can check all the above and more in the updated demo on the Kickstarter Campaign page! We hope you like it, please send us any bugs you find. There will be bugs! We are also updating our game trailer to reflect the new content.

Tell your friends!

Our campaign has slowed down a little in terms of reaching the funding goal, if you like the project, please share it wherever you can, whether its directly with friends, Twitter, or other social media!

Thank you!

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