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This week we have another challenge! Advanced Locomotion System for better experience when exploring our 1.300.000 square km map!

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Hello there!

We are now developing a Vehicle System , Crafting System, Weapon System , House System and many more.....BUT WE FORGOT ABOUT THE LOCOMOTION SYSTEM!

So we want now to present you with the help of LongmireLocomotion OUR NEW UPDATED USER EXPERIENCE LOCOMOTION!

We started optimizing the locomotion so every user can have the realistic travel by foot. We have some bugs here and there but our team is working day by day, and night by night to make this project come to life with less errors. What you seen in the GIF is a user trying to get in the house so he can hide from another player but the server did not consider that door OPEN. So..he kinda smashed his bones a few times.

Custom Gravity and Fall Damage!

For a more realistic effect we were forced to add a little spicy coding. Yes the user will die if he will fall like the dude from the previews GIF but we don't need any DeadPool around...Yet.

We all wanted to be a ninja at least one time!

So..the user can go there and there on the map on foot or by car...(Spoiler in the next gif) but bought ways are ON GROUND and no we didn't YET implemented Airplanes so we added codes to transform the users in..NINJAS!

Yes , the user will be able to climb whatever he wants (and it's possible).

O..Yeah! The Spoiler!

More information about the Bonus Spoiler will appear this week on IndieDB!

HighresScreenshot00010 1

Stay Tuned for more updates! We try to update daily or weekly! For more updates check us on:




Have a nice day!

BackToNormal Team!

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