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Out of Orbit Development Diary 1#

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Hey everyone. We are live on Steam! This is the first of many development diary entries that I'm planning to post frequently. How frequent, I'm not really sure yet. One of the reasons I'm doing this is to make player and people interested in playing stay in touch. The other reason is that I would like to be involved with the growing community. I will be open for discussions about the work in progress. I will be listening to the communities input. So, if you have any question, have some ideas. Let me know. I would gladly answer them or take them into consideration. You can also tell me how detailed you want me to explain things.

As far as development goes. I'm planning to release my game around July. Perhaps August. The main ideas are fully developed. I just need to fine tune some things. I had some problems with the AI the other week, but that seems to be fixed!

You guys can really help me out by getting the good word out!
We stay in touch!

Thanks and stay healthy!

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