Take on an epic adventure of cosmic proportions in Out of Orbit. Design, build and manage your very own spacecraft. Raid, destroy or infiltrate enemy spaceships. Collect raw ores. Travel through wormholes to unlock new randomly generated universes. The sky is the limit. Literally.


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Out of Orbit encourages you to find your own play style. Go in guns blazing? Stock up on ammo and guns, use the environment to your advantage and be prepared for hordes of incoming backup. Are you more into stealth? Make sure to hack or destroy all alarm systems and power stations to remain undetected. Creep up on enemies and go for the silent kill.


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The cosmos can be a hostile and unforgiven place. Especially for thirsty, hungry and oxygen needy humans. Collect raw ores from asteroids. Survive random cosmic events. Be the king/queen of the multiverse!


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Open up your star map and traverse randomly generated universes. Travel to supernova, star clusters, space battles, nebula and many more untamed locations. Do you have any idea what you could find within a wormhole?

Mission alpha

Accept and complete a variety of mission modes to get amazing and worthwhile rewards.

  • Strike - Kill all enemies onboard enemy spaceship.
  • Smash - Destroy all cargo onboard enemy spaceship.
  • Rescue - Save and capture your imprisoned allies.
  • Heist - Raid as much money onboard enemy spaceship.
  • Support - Help your allies defending through waves of incoming enemies.
  • Assassanation - Kill the captain onboard enemy spaceship.
  • Intel - Steal intel onboard enemy spaceship.
  • Scout - Investigate unknown incoming distress signal.


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Out of Orbit lets you create, share and play custom-made missions and spaceships. Create your own missions and spaceships using the in-game editor. Upload them using Steam Workshop. Download and play other user made missions and see if you get what it takes.

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Public Beta Test

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Dear Earthlings,

Today is a big day. I have an announcement to make!

The public Beta will dock the space station on:
DECEMBER 10th 2022 at 08:00 PM UTC

Sign up and make sure you have a spot on the launch shuttle below:
Grab a seat!

This will be the Out Of Orbit Play-Test version. The main purpose of this version is to let players test the game. Frequent bug fix updates are suspected.

We stay in touch!

Out of Orbit 28 10 2022 19 00 29

Dev Diary 1#

Dev Diary 1#


Out of Orbit Development Diary 1#

Reactorcore - - 644 comments

Holy **** this looks very cool!

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