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Second post about our upcoming game Escape Run. Much more development soon.

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Hello to everyone!

This week we bring you some more development regarding our game Escape Run.

We hope you enjoy.


Captura de ecr 2023 03 17 2033

This is the very first sketch of the level and main mechanic of the puzzle pieces. The character will collide with the puzzle pieces and fill in the gap on the floor to be able to continue.

This also represents a little bit of the art style that will be in the game, it also represents the perspective although we are going to curve the road, making the city curved.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 06 2206

These are references for the aesthetic of the game, from the perspective, colors, shadows, textures, third person view, etc.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 08 2335

This is the assets mood board as you can see we have the characters and and some of the assets that will be used in the game.


ezgif com crop

As you can see the rectangle shaped hole in the ground gets filled with the rectangular shape, as was said above. The player will always have 3 choices, the correct choice completes the path they and can progress.

ezgif com crop 1

Same situation here there is a triangle shaped hole in the ground and the player chooses the correct choice.

In this genre this is our innovation that will hopefully bring some freshness and fun.

Hope you enjoyed!

See you next week.

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