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Most of the stuff done this week is behind the scenes, which doesn't make a good dev blog, so I made sure to add some fun stuff.

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So, after 4 months of nagging from Ryan, I added taunts to Miner Threat. Yes, now there is a very basic taunt system because I don't actually really want them. They seem like a lot of work for something that will be a good 30 second laugh. But if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well. So although the taunt system is basic, it works. You go to the shop screen, you can choose from some taunts. Right now there is one, because I am not a creative person and cannot come up with funny stuff like that.


You see that swag master right there?

As a side note, I have added forums to this page on IndieDB. Although they are deader than a mouse left outside the atmosphere for a month, that doesn't mean I don't check them. You can post anything you want there, and I will most certainly read them. You could also spam the comments section of this post, but do what you want, bud. I don't care.Forums

As you can see, it is organised. If you must drop fifty threads about how awesome Trudeau is, please keep it in the "Off Topic" section. I also made a "Fan Content" section, but $20 says there will be none. (No, I will not give you $20 if you go and post MLP Fanfic.)

The last major thing this week that I can take a screenshot of is more hats. I, of course, need to add more hats. There is never enough.


You can see some straw hat, the thing the Royal Guards wear, some hat that looks familiar when I typed "Hats" in on Google images (JK, I know it's a Fez hat. But I had to reverse image search to get the name.), a hat referring to something I won't mention because I don't like getting copyright violation hammers whaling down on me, top hat a friend made, and patriotism. Miner Threat now has two Canada references, because Canada is gr8. No, I will not take requests for other flags. Canada is all the flags there will be.

As I mentioned before, I take requests for hats. Last request for a hat made is already in the game. (Coonskin cap. Make sure to include "cap" if you are googling it at work/school. Just googling "Coonskin" is NSFW.)

Anyway, have fun, drop suggestions in the forums, email me at, and git gud.

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