WW2 War mod opens for business, all welcome on the multiplayer server!

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Evolved from the Code Zero maps, DX WW2 WAR features new drivable vehicles, "constant battle" between bots and new features such as regenerating health. WW2 weapons include M1 Garand, MP44, Thompson, BAR, M61 grenade, smoke grenade, PPSH, ACP .45 pistol and of course TANKS! Players can also parachute when the opportunity arises.

The mod currently features 2 towns, 2 deserts, 2 cities and a bunker map. We are currently developing snow, beach, factory and jungle maps too.

The mod is ideal for 1-12 players, it can be fought with only one player in the server. The AI of the bots is the most advanced seen in fighting servers and offers a genuine challenge to any player.

All are welcome to try the open beta of this mod, all you need is a copy of Deus Ex 1, a broadband connection and the will to survive and fight!

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